Friday, January 21, 2011

CD REVIEW: 'Welcome Home' - Rehab

by Chad Cooper, January 2011

Welcome Home
(Universal Republic)

Country-fried, you could say. Maybe Uncle Kracker-esque, but much cooler.

This seven-piece from Warner Robins, Ga., which is southeast of Atlanta, is back with their fourth major release, second on Universal Republic.

If you are one of many who know Rehab because of their smash hit "Bartender" song, it's time to put brown gravy on that chick fried steak instead of the usual white.

This 10-song record starts mellow with "#1" then gets down and dirty with "Oh My." If you are looking for something similar to "Bartender," then check out the final track "Rideout Chick."

Despite a calmer vibe on this project, this song will remind you of the old Rehab. The chorus reads; "She's my little rideout chick, that I hideout with, 12-pack right beside her. And when it all goes down, she'll still be around, even if I don't wife her. My little rideout chick, tough little bitch, swear she got it goin' on. Says I can take her 'bout anywhere with me, just as long as I don't take her home."

What separates Rehab from the Uncle Kracker's of the world is the truth and sincerity behind the lyrics written by lead singer Danny Boone.

This album is much more calmer that previous Rehab records, but it shows their diversity.

Here's a plus — buy the CD and have them sign it whey they perform live at The Gig on Crockett Street in Beaumont, TX on Feb. 19 headlining the 2011 Lack of Luxury Tour.

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