Friday, July 22, 2011

CD Review: "Sunrise Sessions" by Kottonmouth Kings

by Chad Cooper, July 22, 2011

Kottonmouth Kings
Sunrise Sessions
(Surburban Noize Records)

The Kottonmouth Kings are back for a their 18th studio project — Sunrise Sessions. 18th you say? Yep. This group has been going strong since the early 90s and that shows a big commitment from not only the group itself, but a strong and loyal fan base.

Even if you don't blaze, this record will leave you will that 'funny feeling.' Grab it and let the high times roll. As one of the lyrics in the track "Love Lost" says, if Kottonmouth Kings were a turkey, they would be "king of the gobble."

If you've never heard of the KMK, they describe themselves as "psychedelic hip-hop punk rock" but this album is much more than that. From start to finish, I felt reggae to pop.

The reggae sound really shows it head with tunes like "Love Lost," "She's Dangerous," "Ganja Daze" and my personal fav "Great to Be Alive."

For the dubstep club goers, you will love "Stoned Silly. " If you like tattoos on your necks and motorbikes, then "Cruzin" is for you. I even get a Sublime and Rehab resemblance, which is something radio savvy, with the tunes "Kalifornia," "Back Home," "Closing Time" and "Be Alright."

What I am trying to say is — this album has something for everyone.

1. Stonetown (4:37)
2. Love Lost (5:34)
3. Down 4 Life (4:45)
4. Kalifornia (4:52)
5. My Garden (4:59)
6. Boom Clap Sound (4:58)
7. Back Home (5:00)
8. She's Dangerous (4:55)
9. Ganja Daze (4:55)
10. Stay Stoned (3:03)
11. Stoned Silly (4:25)
12. Closing Time (4:54)
13. Cruzin (3:33)
14. Great to be Alive (4:22)
15. Be Alright (4:20)
16. Said & Done (5:47)

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