Thursday, July 28, 2011

INTERVIEW: Mickey Avalon

by Chad Cooper, July 28 2011

There’s been a plethora of white rappers such as Eminem, 3rd Bass, Beastie Boys, Bubba Sparxx, House of Pain, Insane Clown Posse, Kottonmouth Kings, Paul Wall, Rehab and Vanilla Ice, just to name a few. Each has had their own niche whether it was rapping clowns, dancing or straight up lyric-slinger. But none are Mickey Avalon.

The 35-year-old rapper has released just one album, which was a self-titled record in 2006 and included the song “Jane Fonda” that quickly gained national attention.

After a few bootleg songs were released, Avalon played several shows with pop phenom Ke$ha opening and the two even recorded a song together entitled “Stickey Mickey.” His popularity soared as he was offered a spot on Snoop Dogg’s Blazed and Confused Tour in 2009.

While working out his logistics to release a new album, he recorded “Stroke Me,” which was a play off of Billy Squier’s 1981 hit single, “The Stroke.” Avalon’s version was picked up by Columbia Pictures and used for the trailer of the comedy Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz.

88MW spoke with Avalon via telephone from his home in Hollywood before he hit the road to play shows in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Clear Lake.

How did music play a role in your life?

My dad was into music. He collected the old 45 records so I was around music when I was a kid. My dad and I would go to like record swap meets and stuff. When I was 11 or 12, I discovered rap music. I listened to Run-DMC, Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. Too Short was already out but I didn’t find him until later on. It wasn’t anything I saw myself doing. I didn’t play any instruments or anything. I did take piano lessons but I quit because I didn’t learn any Jerry Lee Lewis right away. It was all scales and stuff.

What was the first concert you attended?

My mom took me to a Run-DMC and Beastie Boys concert when I was 11 and that was awesome. I also won tickets to see Boogie Down Productions then my dad took me and a friend to see Eazy E and King Tee in concert. It was cool to hear them on tape then come into town and see them perform. I saw Chuck Berry when I was a kid too. Not too long ago, I saw Jerry Lee Lewis in concert. It was probably his last concert. He looked like death.

How did it all get started?

I would always write rhymes in my head, I just never thought I would do anything with them. The way technology has changed, it has made it easier on me. Back then you had to save up a bunch of money just to record a demo. I probably wouldn’t have done that. I was living in a halfway house and going to my friend Dirt Nasty’s (aka Simon Rex) place and recording some stuff. I had to be home early and he would go out and hand the stuff out. I was kind of embarrassed about it because I didn’t want anyone to hear it, but it worked out.

Your lyrics aren’t like others in this industry.

I think rap is the folk music of today — storytelling. Two different stories could be totally different but the one thing in common is it’s their story. Let’s say if 50 Cent is talking about selling crack and I’m talking about buying crack, that’s two different stories but really the same, if that makes sense. Instead of doing this over an acoustic guitar, it’s storytelling over a drum machine. It’s a tongue and cheek thing as well. I’ll journalize pimps, prostitutes and junkies to flip the stones over. I’ve lived through a bunch of things that if you sat around long enough and thought about it you would get depressed so sometimes it pays to turn it around and make fun of the situation you were in.

The 2 Live Crew had trouble rapping about some of the things you rap about, but now you are embraced by those who called their music disgusting.

I think it’s an even playing field. In general, people appreciate the truth as long as you treat everyone the same. I also think women are more aggressive now than they ever were. One song I am rapping about bulimia and boob jobs and some of these girls think some of these songs are written about them. Like it’s a compliment. HA!

Can you clarify the rumors about your new music?

In a nutshell, there have been a lot of things going on but I finally have new management and everyone is on the same page. I still have to get my masters back from my old record label but in the meantime I will put out some new material. It will be an EP or mixtape along with a video while we are working to getting the record out.

I heard you did some collaboration with Katy Perry, Travis Barker and Perry Farrell. Will those be on the new record?

No, those will probably be on a bootleg record that will finally make its way out.

Mickey Avalon will perform alongside DJ Kid Mac with special guests CB Kings and Evak & Babel Fish at Scout Bar in Clear Lake. Advance tickets are $16.50. For more information, view

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Friday, July 22, 2011

CD Review: "Sunrise Sessions" by Kottonmouth Kings

by Chad Cooper, July 22, 2011

Kottonmouth Kings
Sunrise Sessions
(Surburban Noize Records)

The Kottonmouth Kings are back for a their 18th studio project — Sunrise Sessions. 18th you say? Yep. This group has been going strong since the early 90s and that shows a big commitment from not only the group itself, but a strong and loyal fan base.

Even if you don't blaze, this record will leave you will that 'funny feeling.' Grab it and let the high times roll. As one of the lyrics in the track "Love Lost" says, if Kottonmouth Kings were a turkey, they would be "king of the gobble."

If you've never heard of the KMK, they describe themselves as "psychedelic hip-hop punk rock" but this album is much more than that. From start to finish, I felt reggae to pop.

The reggae sound really shows it head with tunes like "Love Lost," "She's Dangerous," "Ganja Daze" and my personal fav "Great to Be Alive."

For the dubstep club goers, you will love "Stoned Silly. " If you like tattoos on your necks and motorbikes, then "Cruzin" is for you. I even get a Sublime and Rehab resemblance, which is something radio savvy, with the tunes "Kalifornia," "Back Home," "Closing Time" and "Be Alright."

What I am trying to say is — this album has something for everyone.

1. Stonetown (4:37)
2. Love Lost (5:34)
3. Down 4 Life (4:45)
4. Kalifornia (4:52)
5. My Garden (4:59)
6. Boom Clap Sound (4:58)
7. Back Home (5:00)
8. She's Dangerous (4:55)
9. Ganja Daze (4:55)
10. Stay Stoned (3:03)
11. Stoned Silly (4:25)
12. Closing Time (4:54)
13. Cruzin (3:33)
14. Great to be Alive (4:22)
15. Be Alright (4:20)
16. Said & Done (5:47)

Click here to purchase the album
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dita Von Teese in "Strip Strip Hooray!" headed to Texas

Returning to the city where she first debuted her iconic martini glass show, Dita Von Teese opens her southern tour at the House of Blues New Orleans on July 26th. The 3 city tour continues in Dallas on July 28th, and closes in Houston on July 30th.

The show treats audiences to three of Von Teese's most spectacular performances, including her new Swarovski Martini Glass act which she calls her “ultimate, most decadent, and dazzling martini glass ever!” This beautiful art-deco style cocktail glass is crystalized from top to bottom and features over 250,000 Swarovski crystals.

Von Teese will also perform her “Rhinestone Cowgirl” show which features her dressed in head to toe pink Swarovski crystal, twirling sparkling guns, and strutting around in custom-made Christian Louboutin Cowboy boots complete with spurs a spinnin'. After strip-teasing out of her rhinestone chaps, Dita seductively rides the world's most glamorous authentic mechanical bull. Yee-Haw!!

Joining Dita Von Teese on stage will be “the hardest working middle-aged man in show business,” MC Murray Hill, along with a who‟s who of Burlesque, including Dirty

Martini, Selene Luna, Monsieur Romeo (Host of L'Effleur Des Sens), Lada (from the World Famous Crazy Horse Paris) and Medianoche.

Guests at the Dallas event will also be treated to Dita's new cocktail, the Cointreau MargaDita, a bold and seductive reinvention of the classic Margarita, the #1 selling cocktail in America. Dita Von Teese's tasty new libation is the 2nd drink she has developed as a part of her role as the global ambassador for Cointreau. The Cointreau MargaDita is an homage to Margarita Sames, the bon vivante Dallas socialite who created the original recipe in 1948 while vacationing at her Acapulco cliffside hacienda.

According to Dita Von Teese, "The Cointreau MargaDita is a tantalizing haute-cocktail

Tickets are on sale now by CLICKING HERE.

Dita Von Teese - Making her name on the burlesque and fetish scene in the 90s, Von Teese became famous as the “girl in the glass” with her Martini Glass show. Since then, she has gone on to perform all over the world at events for Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chopard, Marc Jacobs and more, and is the first guest star in the history of Crazy Horse Paris, the world‟s most prestigious cabaret. Von Teese is also the Global Ambassador for Cointreau, the face of Perrier‟s Limited edition of bottles and cans, and a best-selling author. Currently, Von Teese is developing her own fragrance, a cosmetics collection, a lingerie collection as well as a capsule collection of dresses modeled after some her most treasured vintage find. For more information please visit,

Murray Hill - Comedian and renowned entertainer Murray Hill, “the hardest working middle-aged man in show business,” is a relentless retro shtick slinger, buster of audience chops and freewheeling ad-libber. Murray's razor sharp wit and frenetic showman antics led the New York Times to anoint him “Downtown's New-It-Boy.” Murray has also had a string of recent cameos in HBO's Bored to Death, STARZ's Gravity, and BRAVO's Real Housewives of New York. For more information, please visit,

Dirty Martini - New York Magazine calls Dirty Martini "the sexpot sophisticate," and the New York Times declared her "one of the best in burlesque." Featured in the film "Tournee" which premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, Dirty Martini is one of the leading figures in the American Burlesque revival. Please visit for more information.

Selene Luna - At 3'10", Selene Luna is a small package with a very big presence. The New York Times calls her "A polished spitfire," and the Washington Square News says, "She's a huge presence and owns the stage during her 5-minute romp." Luna was an original member of Velvet Hammer Burlesque and is well-known as Margaret Cho's sidekick on "The Cho Show." For more information, please visit

Lada (of the Crazy Horse Paris) - One of the stars of the Crazy Horse Paris, Lada was hand-picked by Dita to appear in "Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!" after they met during Dita's guest star appearances at the famous cabaret in 2010. As Crazy Horse Paris Creative Director Ali Mahdavi notes, Lada is "the ultimate expression of a Crazy Horse dancer. She epitomizes the essential blend of strength, femininity, and a sense of humor." Find out more at

Monsieur Romeo (of L'effleur des Sens) - Representing BOYLESQUE in the show, Monsieur Romeo was born in France and raised all over Europe where he worked as a model for Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Well-known as the host of the LA-based Parisian Cabaret L'effleur des Sens, "Monsieur Roméo exudes disreputable savoir-faire, seeking women in the audience to help him strip during his solo, and behaving as if anyone who even looks at him is hopelessly corrupt." (LA Times). Check out for more info.

MediaNoche - Medianoche was born and raised in southern Spain and is formally trained in flamenco and tango dance. She brings a distinctly European je ne sais quoi to venues such as Duane Park, Highline Ballroom, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Hotel Empire. Although always at her best when emerging from Isis wings, rhinestoned flower petals, or her signature red pheasant feathers, Medianoche also dances Argentine tango professionally in theaters and ballrooms throughout the United States. For More information please visit her Facebook page.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

CONCERT REVIEW: Rihanna @ Toyota Center

by Chad Cooper

Who: Rihanna
Where: Toyota Center, Houston TX
When: July 9, 2011
Crowd: 12,000+
Opener: J Cole
Show pictures: View here

Recently crowned the most popular entertainer on Facebook with more than 40 million followers, Rihanna, just 23, is on top of the music world. The Loud Tour, which opened with a 30-minute set by DJ Dummy then a few songs by newcomer J Cole, had 88MW vibrating with anticipation.

The show opens with a over-sized static ball type thing that you may see dropping in NYC during the countdown on NYE. It opens and out comes Rihanna singing "Only Girl (In the World)." She looked amazing with above shoulder length hair with the color the vintage maroon we are so used to seeing.

With over 20 million in album sells and a plethora of hits, she sang 'em all. The two things that stuck out in my mind were her version of Prince's "Darling Nikki" and her doing "The Glamorous Life" by Sheila E.

After "Man Down," Rihanna disappears momentarily but a short video keeps our attention. When the lights come back on stage, out comes three stripper polls with Rihanna in the middle dressed in a classic black and white gangster suit directing the pole dancers.

The Barbados beauty later ran through the crowd and set up above and behind the sound board was some percussion and she played them and sang "The Glamorous Life," doing a wonderful impersonation and performance of the great Sheila E.

Add in there somewhere that one lucky male concert goer received a 45-second lap dance while chained to a rotating bed.

88MW has covered 100's, if not, a 1000 shows and this concert had the hottest babes in attendance of them all. Rihanna, OF COURSE, was the queen of the hotness.

One last thing....SHE SANG.

Move over Gags.....Rihanna is taking over.

Only Girl (In the World)
Shut Up and Drive
Man Down
Darling Nikki (by Prince)
Let Me
Breakin' Dishes
The Glamorous Life (by Sheila E.)
Run This Town
Live Your Life
Hate That I Love You
California King Bed
Pon de Replay/What's My Name
Rude Boy
Cheers (Drink to That)
Don't Stop the Music
Take a Bow
Love the Way You Lie Pt. 2

CONCERT REVIEW: Seether @ L'Auberge du Lac

by Chad Cooper

Who: Seether
Where: Party by the Pool @ L'Auberge du Lac, Lake Charles LA
When: July 7, 2011
Crowd: 3,500-ish
Show pictures: View here

It's hard-pressed to find a more popular band on the planet right now than Seether. Their fifth album, Holding onto Strings Better Left to Fray, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in May and the debut single, "Country Song," hit No. 1 on the rock charts.

Though guitarist Troy McLawhorn has left the band, the three-piece has never sounded better and vocalist Shaun Morgan, who was born in South Africa, now is at the fore-front with his guitar skills.

Just two songs were featured from the new album during the show, "Country Song" & "Fur Cue," but the goodies were not forgotten like "Gasoline," "Fine," "Breakdown" and the closer, "Remedy."

The first big pop from the crowd came with the third song, "Fine," then the loudest of the night was when Morgan and bassist Dale Stewart, performed an acoustic version of "Broken." If that was enough to give you chill-bumps, Seether did their own version of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" - WINNING.

Set list
Driven Under
Fur Cue
Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana)
Country Song
Rise Above This
Fake It

CONCERT REVIEW: Puddle of Mudd @ L'Auberge du Lac

by Chad Cooper

Who: Puddle of Mudd
Where: L'Auberge du Lac, Lake Charles LA
When: June 30, 2011
Crowd: 1,700-ish
Show pictures: View here

The outdoor Party by the Pool concert series at L'Auberge du Lac casino in Lake Charles LA is the place to be on the Thursday nights during the summer months.

That trend continued when Puddle of Mudd rocked the stage for nearly 90 minutes. Of course, all of the POM's classics were played, and sung loudly by the crowd, like "Control" (with a little Ozzy mixed in), "Drift & Die," and the set finale "Blurry." They also played "TNT," which was made popular by AC/DC.

That song will be one of 10 tracks on the forthcoming album, Re(disc)overed. The album should be ready for release in August and POM covers classic songs like "Rocket Man," "Gimme Shelter" and "All Right Now," added with a POM touch.

As usual, the band did not disappoint. The only negative in the 13-song set was the absence of "Spaceship." But I'll go without my favorite POM song, just to a see this band perform.

Livin' on Borrowed Time
Drift & Die
Away from Me
Nothing Left to Lose
She Hates Me