About Us

Chad Cooper - journalist
Nickname: Coop
Bio: Coop has been directly involved in the music industry since 1992. From interning at Universal & RCA Records, to tour managing...he's done a little of everything. One of his many guilty pleasures is watching reality food shows, such as Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen. He also believes pro wrestling is real. 

email: coop@88mileswest.com

David Block - photographer
Nickname: Blockie
Favorite slogan: "I'm just a finger short of having a perfect hand."
Scoop:  He believes that when Morrissey sings, it's solely directed to him, but "man-crush" with Gavin Rossdale is currently at an all-time high.

email: block@88mileswest.com

David's Friends: http://www.ndroyd.com/android-blog